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Being a Salesperson PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 09 April 2013 00:00


Internet - Based Accredited Marketer Business Opportunity Sales Seminar

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Training & Seminars

An Opportunity to Increase our knowledge and skills in our product (affordable house and lots)
and become a valuable sales professionals..

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Being a Salesperson

1.  Benefits of Being a Salesperson

2. What Makes a Salesperson

3. Sales Skills of a Salesperson

4. Ways to Close a Sale


Benefits of Being a Salesperson

  • Freedom to set your own hours
  • Unlimited Income & Big Incentives
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Recognition and Awards
  • Opportunity to help others achieve their dreams

 What Makes a Salesperson?

   1.A Salesperson Make A Good First Impressions.

     They have a neat and well-groomed look about them. 

   2. A Salesperson Loves to be with People.

     They want to please their clients and buyers.

   3. A Salesperson is a Good Listener.

     They are patient with prospects-not pushy.

   4. A Salesperson Behaves Professionally.

     They never bring personal problems to work with them and let them affect their attitudes.

    5. A Salesperson is an Expert with our Projects

       They know our projects inside and out can answer even the most complicated questions from buyers                                                    without having to refer them to someone else.

     6. A Salesperson is Driven to Succeed.

     They are creative and assertive. They are energetic and they have a very strong work ethic.

     7. A Salesperson Has A Service Mentality.

     They do not focus on their benefits and commissions but they focus on meeting all the buyer’s needs.

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Sales Skills of a Salesperson

  1. Qualifying Fast to Avoid Wasting Sales Time

          Develop a list of sales qualifying criteria that prospect’s must meet in order for you                                                                                      to invest your sales time with them. 




    2. Motivating Prospects.

      Ask questions to uncover problems and needs adapt it to our projects benefits and advantages.

    3. Selling to People Outside your Comfort  Zone

      Don’t ignore people that you don’t have natural rapport with.Match speech patterns with people to gain rapport.

    4. Have More Fun.

     Focus on selling at your best only to qualified prospects and you’ll close more sales and have fun doing it.

                    HAPPY SELLING!

Ways to Close a Sale

1.  Have the right ATTITUDE

2.  PREPARE: your materials, what to say, how to sound / look.

3.  TIMING IS IMPORTANT: Know when to get an appointment or sell and share


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